500 SUPERFAST SPEZIALE, formerly owned by HRH Prince Bernhard Meer informatie


    Standard Silhouette FERRARI - 500 SUPERFAST SPEZIALE formerly owned by HRH Prince Bernhard - 1965

It is well known that HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands loved Ferraris, especially in his favourite colour green. Displayed here is one of the most beautiful Ferraris he ever owned, a 1965 500 Superfast Speziale.

A mere 37 Ferrari Superfast cars were built, and among these rare models Prince Bernhard’s former car is unique in itself. The Prince, a close friend of Enzo Ferrari and one of his most loyal clients, asked Ferrari to install a 4.0-litre engine instead of the standard 5.0-litre. This smaller engine was relatively easy to fit in the Superfast chassis, which was based on the 330 GT. The rear lights and the frames of the side windows are unique external features on this car.

The bodywork of the Ferrari Superfast was designed by Pininfarina. At the request of the Prince, the car was painted a special metallic colour – Verde Pinto – at the factory, and supplied with a very stylish beige leather interior.