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    Standard Silhouette FORD - MODEL T TUDOR - 1924

There are libraries full of information concerning this motorcar, which some consider to be ‘the car of the twentieth century’: the Ford Model T, also known as the T-Ford, 15 million of which were produced between 1908 and 1927. This was made possible because, from 1913 onwards, it was the first car to be produced on a moving assembly line. From then on, the Model T was “available in any colour, as long as it was black”. This was because of paint drying times; black paint dried the quickest, which kept the production time, and costs, down.

The Ford Model T is the car that put America on wheels. At a given moment in its production lifetime, half the cars in the world were T-Fords. Although the car was simply constructed and cheap, it was nevertheless of high quality. The T-Ford was incredibly robust and reliable, designed especially for the poorly surfaced roads in the US. The chassis was made of extremely strong vanadium steel. The gears – two forward gears and a reverse – were operated by pedals.

The name ‘Tudor’ had nothing to do with the English royal family - it was a corruption of ‘two-door’. Similarly, the type designation for the four-door model was ‘Fordor’.

This Ford has been part of the collection since 1935.