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Corbin Sparrow Electric Single-Seater

The Corbin Sparrow has been dubbed the ‘Jelly Bean’, after the brightly coloured, kidney-shaped sweets that are popular in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Its official name is the Personal Transportation Module (PTM). This all-electric, three-wheeled car looks more like a covered motorbike, and in the US the car is indeed registered as a motorcycle. The door to this single-seater is located on the right. The Sparrow has a low centre of gravity, which renders it stable, and the lightweight body is made of a strong composite.

The car was intended for everyday use: its range is approximately 55 kilometres and in the US it can be driven in the carpool lane during rush hour. It can reach a top speed of 120 km/h.

The designer Mike Corbin is well known in the world of motorbikes and electric vehicles. In 1974 he broke the world speed record for an electric vehicle, with an average speed of 165.367 miles per hour, approximately 265 km/h. This record remained unbroken until 2009.

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