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Georges Roy 12-HP Touring Sport Torpedo

An ingenious construction enables the body of this Georges Roy to be converted from a two-seater into a four-seater and vice-versa in next to no time.

The back seat can be pulled forward in its entirety and then the hood’s rear supports are tied to the front fastenings thus creating a two-seater.

The bodywork is by Georges Roy himself, which was rather uncommon. Bodies were usually built by specialist coachbuilders, while car manufacturers concentrated on the drivetrain and chassis. The remarkable circular radiator was only used by a few car manufacturers, among them Spyker and Delaunay-Belleville.

A garage owner in Bordeaux, Georges Roy started building cars in 1906. Few of his models could be called spectacular, and most are rather conventional. He enjoyed reasonable success in the south west of France as well as in the French colonies. The Georges Roy is a very rare car.

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