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International Benz 3.5-HP

Dit is niet een in Duitsland, maar in Engeland vervaardigde Benz.

It was built by the International Motor Car Company, owned by Oscar E. Seyd. In 1898 he started assembling Benz cars for the British market. Many original Benz parts were used for this car, which was based on the Benz Velo. However, the bodywork is more ‘British’ than that of the German Velo model; note the beautiful Chesterfield bench seat and the abundant use of brass.

The numerous badges, which are typically British, demonstrate that this specific car took part in many classic car rallies. In 1934 this International Benz was sold by its first owner, a Mr Miles from Brighton in Sussex, to C.S. Burney. That same year Mr Burney took part in the London to Brighton Run, and would do so many more times. The car is still a regular participant in the Run.

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