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Lagonda Lancefield Coupé

A sleek yet very robust coupé, based on the Lagonda V12.

Drawing on the success of the Le Mans entry in 1939 and the V12 engine designed by W.O. Bentley, Lagonda commissioned the little-known coachbuilder Lancefield to build a touring body, loosely resembling the streamlined Paulin/Pourtout Embiricos Bentley. It was tested a Brooklands where it reached 120 mph (193 km/h), faster than its Bentley competitor.

The car is based on a standard Lagonda Rapide chassis and the cabin is well appointed and trimmed like a true grand tourer. This elegant British Art Deco ‘airline’ design remained a one-off, presumably due to the lack of interest in such luxurious cars immediately after World War II.

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