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Lloyd LT 600

Motoring experts are divided about who produced the first MPV, or ‘Multi-Purpose Vehicle’. The Fiat Multipla, the Volkswagen bus and this Lloyd Transporter certainly are the main contenders.

The Lloyd is a six-seater, achieved by putting the engine and drive in the front of the car, thereby creating a flat cabin floor. All passengers have to enter though the front doors, because there are no rear doors! The rear wheels are tilted inwards, a consequence of the of swing axle construction. The car displayed in the Museum is a later model with the ‘large’ engine, a 596 cc, 19 hp 2 cylinder unit, that gave the car a top speed of 85 km/h. Unladen that is. And with a tail wind.

Lloyd was part of the Borgward industrial group, which went backrupt in 1961. However, Lloyd continued to produce cars until 1963.

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