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Regal Model NC Colonial Coupe

In contrast to other cars of the era, the chassis was hung beneath the axles, thus lowering the centre of gravity and thereby improving its roadholding and driveability. This is known as ‘underslung’ technology.

It makes the car itself, as well as its exterior, more sporty. However, this long-distance car is fitted with a rather conservative body. To accentuate the carriage design, the windows have been beautifully cut and the interior includes curtains.

As a marketing stunt, the first fifty cars produced by the Regal Motor Co. of Detroit were recalled in 1908, one year post production, to be swapped for the new model at no extra cost. Regal was a very successful marque and the firm established an excellent reputation during its short existence.

The endurance tests that the cars underwent resulted in much positive publicity. Lack of materials after the First World War caused the factory to close down in 1920.

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