Renault 22/24CV Type DB Mülhbacher Town Car

Wickerwork embellishment on a car was very fashionable around the time of the First World War, and was particularly popular with French coachbuilders.

The work was very labour-intensive and therefore expensive, which is why it could only be found on the more luxurious models, such as this Renault 22/24CV.

The Parisian coachbuilder Mühlbacher was highly regarded at the time. This Town Car was one of his creations; the driver sat in the open while the passengers were seated in a closed compartment. Communication with the driver was possible via the mouthpiece on the right-hand side.

Large Renaults such as the 22CV and the 40CV were sold only as a rolling chassis, leaving the choice of bodywork to the customer. The comfortable 22CV is fitted with a 5.0-litre, four-cylinder engine.

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