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March 707 CanAm

CanAm stands for Canadian American Challenge, a race formula that became very popular in the mid-sixties.

Factory racing driver Chris Amon had designer Robin Herd strapped into the passenger seat during test drives, so that he could explain to him directly what improvements had to be made to the car. After all, it was Amon himself who had suggested that fledgling marque March should build a car for the CanAm races.

Given that these races did not apply any regulatory restrictions on engine power or technology, this aluminium March 707 was fitted with a 7.5-litre Chevrolet V8 engine that produced 680 hp. The two stabiliser ‘flippers’ at the front are typical of the March.

The naming of the car requires explanation. March is an acronym of the names of the founders: Max Mosley, Alan Rees, Graham Coaker and Robin Herd. The number 707 denotes a car for the 1970 season in the racing category Group 7.

Three March 707s were built: two for Chris Amon and one for Helmut Kelleners. The cars were not successful in the CanAm Series.

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