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Duesenberg Model J Limousine-Landaulette Throne Car

Deze Duesenberg Model J is de langste en breedste Duesenberg ooit gebouwd en weegt ca. 3000 kilogram.

‘It’s a Duesy!’ The expression is still used today to denote something of high quality. The expression originates from the excellent Duesenberg motorcars, which saw a great increase in sales after the 1926 take-over by Errett Lobban Cord and thanks to the powerful, impressive design by Gordon Buehrig. The Model J was unveiled at the 1928 New York Automobile Salon.

This car, the heaviest, longest and widest Duesenberg ever built weighs about 3000 kilogrammes. The car is intended to seat ten: American evangelist ‘Father Divine’ and his ‘courtiers’. Father Divine established the International Peace Mission Movement in the 1920s. Amongst other things, it campaigned the rights of minorities and expanded rapidly in the 1930s. Father Divine’s followers came from all layers of society.

The Duesenberg was bought by one of Father Divine’s followers in 1937 for use by the Reverend. Originally the car was fitted out with a special ‘throne’, a seat that could be mechanically raised and lowered as required by the 5ft 1in (1.55 meter) tall evangelist. He could then preach to the congregation from the car, by means of a built-in loud speaker system.

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