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The beauty of speed

Step into the history of motorsport. Meet the legends and their cars. And experience the beauty of speed, passion, performance, winning and ambition.

Step into the history of the automobile

A virtual tour to give you a taste of what to expect when you visit the museum. The history of the automobile has never been so accessible!

Art in motion

In the Louwman Museum you can discover the world’s largest collection of car-related art, illustrations, posters, sculptures and trophies. Experience 150 years of art in motion.

Bring the Louwman Museum to your home

The Louwman Museumboek is now available online in our webshop. The hardcover book contains the Louwman Museum collection with beautiful photography and background stories. The Louwman Museum book is the perfect present for automotive enthusiasts. Available in English and Dutch.

Masterpieces of mobility

In the Louwman Museum you will discover the high points of 150 years of technology, innovation, beauty and speed. Meet all the masterpieces from the history of progress in the Louwman Museum in The Hague. The museum of the automobile.

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