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Experience 150 years of art in motion

In the Louwman Museum you can discover the world’s largest collection of car-related art, illustrations, posters, sculptures and trophies. Experience 150 years of art in motion, in the Louwman Museum in The Hague. The museum of the automobile.

Paintings and illustrations

Come and see our extensive collection of paintings and drawings. For example the special collection of illustrations by Frederick Gordon-Crosby (1885-1943), the famous illustrator for the British car magazine The Autocar.


From the end of the 19th century posters became the major means for car manufactures to promote their products. The greatest and best-known artists were employed to create these special works of art.

Sculptures and trophies

Many artists were inspired by the motor car to create exceptional objects. Not just for exhibitions but also to be used as prizes awarded at motor racing events. Materials used include silver, bronze and porcelain.


As soon as motor cars started to appear on the roads, so did toy cars, scaled-down copies of the originals. The Spindizzies for example, made from the mid-1930s on, which reached speeds over 150 km/h on special tracks.


Cars have always been a source of inspiration for the designers of all kinds of memorabilia, such as watches, cigarette holders, bottles, plates and much more. You will find a unique collection in the Louwman Museum.

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