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Model cars

As soon as motor cars started to appear on the roads, so did toy cars. The engineering of the real thing inspired toymakers to create miniature masterpieces of their own.  Spindizzies, introduced in the 1930s, raced on special tracks at speeds of up to 200 km/h.


Initially posters were the most important means of promoting motor cars. Many talented and famous artists were employed to create special works of art. The Louwman Museum contains the world’s largest collection of original 19th and 20th century posters.


The collection of automobilia (historical artifacts and collectibles) reflects the widespread fascination with the automobile. Everything ranging from cigarette cases to pocket watches, from letter openers to hip flasks or bell pushes. The Louwman Museum houses an extensive variety of these items.

Sculptures and trophies

Numerous sculptors were inspired by the automobile to create beautiful works of art, not only for exhibitions, but also as trophies for motor sports events. Materials used include silver, bronze and porcelain.


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