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Ford Model T Touring Car

Whole libraries have been written about this model. Some call the Ford Model T, also known as the T-Ford, the car of the 20th century.

Between 1908 and 1927 Ford built fifteen million T-Fords, thanks to it being the first car in the world to be manufactured on an assembly line. Manufacturer Henry Ford said the Model T was available “in any colour, as long as it is black”. That was on account of the time paint took to dry: black dried fastest and that meant a reduction in production time and costs. The car was affectionately known as Tin Lizzie.

This Model T Touring Car with its tufted upholstery is an early model fitted with brass radiator and lamps. The T is equipped with a number of extras offered in period, such as special suspension and brakes. An extra lever operates a kind of off-road two-speed rear axle, which essentially adds high and low gearing to the existing two-speed gearbox, to provide four forward gears and one reverse.

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