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Graham Model 65 Standard Six

The flowing lines of this Graham Model 65 were penned by designer Amos Northup.

The radiator grille slopes backwards slightly, the radiator cap is no longer situated on the grille, but rather under the bonnet and the shape of the wings is more flowing and rounded off. At the time these were revolutionary new design features. In 1932 Northup first incorporated these lines in the Graham Blue Streak, of which there is a model elsewhere in the Museum.

The logo on the grille shows the profiles of the three brothers who at the end of the 1920s took over the Paige automobile company, forming Graham-Paige. Later the name of the cars was shortened to Graham; the company name remained unchanged. Although Graham cars were industry leaders in terms of styling, the company’s sales figures steadily declined. After the war, Graham linked up briefly with Kaiser to manufacture the Kaizer-Frazer, named after Graham’s new President, Joseph W. Frazer.

In 1947, Graham-Paige sold the business to Kaiser-Frazer and continued as an investment corporation, later becoming owner of the Madison Square Garden in New York.

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