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MG TC Police Car

Announced late in 1945, the TC Midget was based on TB of pre-war days and possessed comparable performance while featuring a widened (by 4″) body and improved suspension with hydraulic dampers.

More than any other car, it was the MG TC that was responsible for starting the American love affair with the British sportscar, many of the 10,000 produced up to the end of 1949 finding customers in the United States.

This MG TC has led an extremely interesting and special life. On July 17th of 1947, the Kent County Constabulary purchased the new TC and immediately enlisted it for duty in the traffic division. MG Police vehicles of the time included an upgraded electrical system powered by an oversized dynamo (bulge on left side of the hood) and top speed was enhanced with higher gear ratios in the rear transaxle.

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