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More than 150 years of inspiration
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With over 275 iconic stories from 150 years of the development of mobility, people and society, the Louwman Museum is the perfect venue for any event.

Organise an event

Surprise and inspire your guests during a conference, symposium, dinner or party in the unique surroundings of the Louwman Museum. With nine special rooms, the museum offers all the facilities for a successful event. It could be a multi-day conference in the impressive Theatre, a dinner in the imposing Great Hall or a party in the cosy Museumplein.

Customised events

For events from 60 people upwards, we will make a tailor-made proposal. Louwman Museum’s event managers will put together the ideal combination of rooms, necessary technology, and catering to make your event a success. Access to the entire museum collection, as is the (unguarded) cloakroom and cleaning, are included in the price.

Standard facilities

For all events, a visit to the museum is included. However, the (unguarded) cloakroom, an in-house duty manager, and final cleaning are also included. Several rooms are already equipped with audiovisual equipment and furniture as standard. The temperature is constant in all rooms, and there is free Wi-Fi. A tailor-made proposal will be made for a combination of rooms.

Network of selected partners

The Louwman Museum works with permanently selected partners who know the museum inside out. Select Catering, for example, is the in-house caterer of the Louwman Museum. Like no other, they can reflect traditional quality and service in contemporary dishes and service. But also in the fields of entertainment, film, AV, photography, interior design, furniture, decoration, hospitality and hostess service, a permanent team is at our disposal.

A special location

With an area of 16,000 square metres spread over three floors, the Louwman Museum offers unprecedented possibilities. The museum building was designed by world-renowned architect Michael Graves. Lodewijk Baljon’s garden landscape provides a beautiful connection with the Hague Forest.

Sustainable and future-proof

The modern museum building was erected in 2010 on a green site. The starting point was and is to be as energy-neutral as possible. Using a heat and cold storage system, the ground energy is used for cooling and heating; thus, the temperature in the museum is always constant. The energy required for this is generated via over 1,000 solar collectors. We use LED lighting to save even more energy and protect the valuable collection.

Surrounded by inspiration

The Louwman Museum in The Hague is where more than 150 years of progress, innovation and design are visibly represented in a unique collection of more than 275 showpieces from automotive history. Besides its extensive collection of automobiles, the Louwman Museum also offers a unique collection of art, miniatures, posters and trophies.

Make an appointment

Be inspired during a visit to our unique museum. Our experienced event managers will be happy to help you think about the content and organisation of your event.

The advantages of the Louwman Museum

√ Ideal for (multi-day) conferences
√ Several break-out rooms
√ Theatre with 335 seats
√ Receptions, anniversaries and parties for up to 1,000 people
√ Dinners for up to 700 persons
√ Access to the museum collection is always included
√ Private parking facilities
√ Bus stop in front of the door
√ Located directly on the A44 motorway

Accessibility and parking

The Louwman Museum is easily accessible by car and public transport and has a parking capacity of more than 1,000 cars for events.

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