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Luis Fontès and Johnny Hindmarsh-caricature

Luis Goncalves Fontès (1912-1940)

Luis Fontès’ father was Brazilian and his mother British. In 1933 he inherited his father’s considerable fortune. His appearance was such that many people could not imagine him as a race driver. However, behind the wheel the heavily bespectacled youngster turned into an incredibly competitive driver. He was also infamous for his after race parties! His greatest moment was his 1935 Le Mans victory in a Lagonda with test pilot John Hindmarsh. He was killed when flying a Wellington bomber in 1940.

Johnny Hindmarsh (1907-1938)

Johnny Hindmarsh was both a racing driver and an aviator. He won the Le Mans 24-Hour Race in 1935 in a 4½ litre Lagonda M45R Rapide with Luis Fontés.  Hindmarsh was killed in an air crash in 1938.

These caricatures were drawn by Frederick Gordon Crosby in 1935. The racing drivers shown were well-known to the British racing enthusiasts of that era, particularly due to their performances at the Brooklands track and major events on the continent.

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