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Baker Electric Roadster

The fastest electric car on the market

Elegant, electrically powered sports roadster by the American marque Baker, which at the time was one of the largest producers of electric city cars in the US. With this model Baker tried to make his electric cars look like the petrol-powered competition. The radiator however had no function and the batteries were located in the front under the ‘bonnet’. The floor-mounted dashboard was made up of one Volt and one Ampere gauge. The battery charger can also be seen here.

Walter Baker started working with electric motorcars as early as 1893 and set up his own company in 1899. Although he was successful initially, the popularity of the electric car waned due to the rapid development of the internal combustion engine. The invention of the electric starter, for example, made cranking a thing of the past. Baker halted the production of electric cars in 1916.

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