Lloyd TS Alexander

The rounded form and pastel colours of this Lloyd Alexander TS are instantly recognisable as those of a German ‘Kleinwagen’ (small car) of the 1950s.

This TS model (Touring Sport) has a 25 hp, two-cylinder, 596 cc four-stroke engine and an all-synchromesh four-speed gearbox. The four-seater weighs less than 600 kg and the factory claimed it could reach a top speed of approximately 110 km/h.

That may have sounded rather ambitious, but the 1958 Hockenheim 12-hour race in Germany was won by an Alexander TS at an average speed of 110.7 km/h.

Around 40,000 Lloyds Alexander were sold in 1959 alone, yet the parent company Borgward Group folded in 1961. Lloyd followed two years later.

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