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Chrysler CU Airflow 8 Sedan

The streamlined Chrysler ‘Airflow’, reminiscent of an American diesel locomotive, created much consternation among the public in 1934.

The wind-tunnel tested Airflow concept by Chrysler engineer Carl Breer nevertheless did render the car faster and more economical, as expected. It was also equipped with many technical innovations such as an automatic overdrive transmission. The wide body’s tubular steel frame was welded to the chassis, a precursor to unitary construction.

Nevertheless, the public was not enthused by the Airflow as the exterior proved too controversial. Attempts to give the car a more traditional front end did not increase sales and the model was discontinued in 1937.

The Chrysler Airflow in the museum is one of the very few delivered in the Netherlands and still carries the original number plate for the province of Noord-Holland. It has never been restored and still has the original paintwork.

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