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Citroen 2CV 4×4 Sahara

This Citroën 2CV Sahara, or ‘Tin Snail’, has two engines and four-wheel drive.

The rear engine, fitted in the boot, is mounted back to front and the gearboxes are joined together by means of rods. One of the engines can be switched off, to save fuel for example.

This ‘Sahara’ model was introduced in 1958 and was intended for expeditions in the French colonies, where four-wheel drive was desirable. Seeing as Citroën did not have an engine strong enough for four-wheel drive, they elected to use two engines. Despite the fact that the displacement of each of the engines is just 425 cc, this car was quite effective in off-road conditions.

As the car was not intended for general use, only 694 were produced. In addition to deployment in the French colonies, many of them ended up in Spain, and two are reputed to have been used by the Dutch Ministry of Public Works. It is estimated that there are about 25 left in the world.

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