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Daimler 45-HP Open Drive Limousine

It is exceptional that in 1925 brass was still used for the radiator and the lamps of this car. But then Daimler did have a rather conservative clientele.

Indeed, that clientele included the British Royal Family, which had favoured the marque since 1900, when the Prince of Wales (later to become King Edward VII) bought his first Daimler.

The car’s bodywork, with its partially enclosed driver’s seat, was built by the London-based Hooper & Co. This coachbuilder, known for its conservative designs, was another favourite of the British royals. The ribbed radiator is a typical Daimler characteristic.

Although the name is German, the Daimler marque is from the English town of Coventry. It was the successor of a company that produced German Daimler car and boat engines. In 1910 the company was taken over by BSA, the Birmingham Small Arms Company, an armaments and motorcycle manufacturer. Daimler produced mainly luxury motorcars, but also built lorries and military vehicles as well as aircraft and tank engines. In 1960 Daimler was taken over by Jaguar Cars Ltd.

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