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Peugeot Type 126 12-15HP Touring

This is one of the most photogenic cars in the museum, partly due to its bright yellow colour and brass details.

The Peugeot logo on the radiator is fashioned in the style of ‘Art Nouveau’, an arts and crafts movement which already had begun losing its influence around 1910. The wooden coachwork was manufactured by Michel & Cie in Marseille. It’s a real touring car, with a stowage console between the front seats. Note the single, hand-operated wiper on the windscreen.

The spare wheel is a ‘Stepney’. Tyre trouble was common in those days and the Stepney system enabled the spare wheel to be bolted onto the wheel with the flat tyre, so that the car could then drive to the nearest garage or workshop.

This Peugeot Type 126 is fitted with a 2.2-litre, four-cylinder engine and was built in the factory at Audincourt. Approximately 350 examples of this type were produced.

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