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Ford Model 18 Golden Deuce Coupe

A typically American ‘Hot Rod’. Hot Rodding started in southern California towards the end of the 1930s, but really took off after the war.

Discarded cars, usually Fords (due to their simple construction and low price) were drastically modified and fitted with souped-up engines or larger units. These hot rods were suitable for use on the public roads, but they were soon used for racing.

This is how ‘drag racing’ began, initially on main street and disused airstrips and later on purpose-built drag strips. The cars raced in pairs from a standing start over a distance of a quarter mile (402 metres). A process of elimination produced the eventual winner.

This ‘Golden Deuce’ was successfully raced in drag races in the 1960s and has also won prizes at car shows. The name ‘Deuce’ means 2 in American slang and is the nickname for the 1932 Ford Coupe. A similar car was the subject of the Beach Boys’ 1963 hit ‘Little Deuce Coupe’.

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