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Goddu Tandem

The small piece of wire used to fasten paper, better known as the ‘staple’, was patented by the man who developed this car: Louis Goddu.

The accomplished Goddu was born in Canada in 1837 and ran away from home to seek his fortune in America. He achieved his aim in more ways than one, becoming a successful businessman with more than three hundred patents to his name.

One of Goddu’s patents was for this charming little two-seater with its small twin-cylinder, rear-mounted boxer engine that ran on methylated spirit and incorporated some highly-advanced technology, such as an overhead camshaft. The few Goddu cars manufactured were intended for private use; they were never introduced on the market. This model was owned by the Goddu family until the 1950s.

Louis Goddu’s other patented inventions primarily included machines for the footwear industry, but also a gun turret for a warship.

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