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Stutz Bearcat

A low chassis, strong engine and little embellishment – typical characteristics of a ‘speedster’, such as this Stutz ‘Bearcat’.

The early models didn’t even have a bonnet, windscreen or doors. The four-cylinder, sixteen-valve, 80 hp engine with its 6.0-litre capacity delivers a very sporty performance.

The Stutz Bearcat’s greatest competitor was the Mercer Raceabout. Mercer owners would say: ‘You have to be nuts to drive a Stutz’, while Stutz owners would retort: ‘There’s nothing worser than a Mercer’. ‘Worser’ may be bad English, but it does provide the rhyme!

The Indianapolis-based Ideal Motor Car Company, founded by Harry C. Stutz, was already producing successful racing cars for events such as the ‘Indy 500’ when in 1913 the name was changed to the Stutz Motor Company. Stutz did not survive the Depression and ceased trading in 1935.
The Stutz Motor Car of America was set up towards the end of the 1960s but was not linked to the original Stutz company.

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