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Auburn Model 852 Speedster

The ‘Speedster’ designation was first used by Auburn in 1928 for a sports car with a boat-tailed body and a straight-eight engine.

In 1934 this model was followed by the imposing yet elegant 851 Speedster, designed by Gordon Buehrig and fitted with a Schweitzer-Cummins centrifugal supercharger. This supercharger spun at a maximum of 24,000 rpm, whereby the blade tips achieved supersonic speeds.

The standard Auburn 851 Speedster was the first American car to average 100 miles per hour (160 km/h) over a 12-hour period in an endurance test. After this feat, all Speedsters were fitted with a commemorative plaque on the dashboard.

The slightly modified 852 model was launched in 1936. Although the car did not sell well and the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg empire collapsed in 1937, the Auburn 851/852 Speedster is still considered the most beautiful car produced by the company.

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