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Humber Pullman, formerly owned by Sir Winston Churchill

The British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and his cigar were inseparable, which is why an extra-large ashtray was installed in this Humber Pullman, his private car.

In addition, there is a push-button radio, a novelty at the time, and independent heating systems for the chauffeur and the passengers. The bodywork is by Thrupp & Maberly.

The Humber Pullman pre-dated the Second World War, but during the war years this model was only produced for British government officials and military officers. Field Marshal Montgomery drove a Humber staff car which he christened ‘Old Faithful’, referring to its reliability.

The Humber was popular with the government because it was a reliable and, above all, understated limousine. It offered the luxury of a Rolls-Royce but was more restrained. There was also a version known as the Imperial which did not have a partition behind the driver.

In 1954 the Pullman was the largest car in the range offered by the Coventry-based Rootes Group. Production ended that same year and this is one of the last examples.

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