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Lincoln Model L Sedan

The grille, bumpers and lamps on this Lincoln L are nickel-plated. At the time chrome had already been introduced but was not in widespread use.

The distinctive bumpers were fitted as standard on this luxury car, which was quite exceptional at the time. The coachwork is by Judkins and the car is painted in a contemporary distinguished and stylish colour scheme. The luxurious finish and excellent quality made this model Lincoln a firm favourite with gangsters.

The American automotive engineer Henry M. Leland was one of the founders of Cadillac. Some years later he sold Cadillac to General Motors and in 1917 established another prestigious make: Lincoln. The recession that followed the First World War led to bankruptcy only a couple of years later. Henry Ford acquired the company in 1922.

To this very day, Lincoln remains the luxury car division of the Ford Motor Company.

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