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Simplex Crane Model 5

The immensely wealthy Rockefeller family owned two of these Simplex Crane Model 5 cars, with an 8.8 litre six-cylinder engine that produced 110 HP.

Simplex Cranes were indeed one of the best automobiles money could buy in the USA at the time. This tourer easily seats seven, and makes use of occasional seats that fold up behind the front seat. The body is by Brewster, who would go on to fit numerous (American-built) Rolls-Royces with handsome coachwork.

This Simplex Crane was used by the King and Queen in June 2013 during their introductory tour of The Hague.
The Simplex Automobile Company of New York City took over the Crane Motor Car Company in 1914, including founder Henry M. Crane, and moved the company to New Brunswick in New Jersey. Crane was already building a quiet and strong six-cylinder engine which was modified and improved for this Model 5.

After WWI Simplex was taken over by Emlen S. Hare, who intended to establish a motor vehicle empire. However he failed completely and Simplex faded into obscurity, together with makes such as Mercer and Locomobile.

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