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Sizaire Frères 4RI Saloon with Weymann Coachwork

This was the first production car in the world to be fitted with all-independent suspension.

This system was based on the method used earlier by the Sizaire Naudin “voiturettes”, employing transverse leaf springs, although much more refined than the original.

After leaving Sizaire Naudin, Georges Sizaire, together with his brother Maurice, started producing a fourdoor saloon. The car was fitted with a four cylinder two-litre engine with an overhead camshaft, developing 50 bhp. This, in combination with the light yet strong Weymann coachwork, consisting of a wooden frame clad with leatherlike fabric, enabled the car to reach 120 km/u (70 mph).

Later, a sixteen valve engine of similar capacity was produced, which was also very exceptional for an “average” production car. Maybe because of this, the car was too modern for its time. Sales were slow and production ceased in 1927. The total number of cars produced is therefore low and this example is one of the few remaining.

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