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The ultimate boyhood dream

In 1953 the Pegaso Z-102 built by the Spanish ENASA, caused a sensation at the New York Motor Show. Not just because of the futuristic design, but it was also the remarkable shade of yellow,  green interior and redwall tyres of this ultimate showcar that caught everyone’s attention.

Futuristic design

The shape of this Pegaso was inspired by the hype surrounding UFOs and flying saucers at the time. The coachwork envelops the chassis as it were. These are no bumpers, just overriders with rubber inserts. The most remarkable design feature is the dome, or cupola-shaped rear window, hence the name Cúpula.

‘El Dominicano’

The Pegaso was bought at the motor show by generalissimo Rafael Trujillo, dictator of the Dominican Republic. Since then the car has had the nickname ‘El Dominicano’. After his death the car disappeared from view during which time the roof and domed rear window were removed, repainted and generally neglected.

An intensive restoration

In 2006 the Cúpula was acquired by the Louwman Museum. It had been in the Rosso Bianco Collection in Aschaffenburg. Even though the characteristic domed rear window had been put back, the car was otherwise in a deplorable condition, says Evert Louwman. The intensive restoration lasted until 2015.

“Only one Cúpula was built and we didn’t have much more than a couple of black and white photos when we started the restoration.”

– Evert Louwman

The Best of Show

The car was finished just in time for the concours at Villa d’Este in Italy, where the Pegaso won the jury prize for the best design. In 2016 the Pegaso took part in the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. The international jury at this prestigious event awarded the car ‘Best of Show’.

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