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NSU Prinz 4 Saloon

The body design is reminiscent of the American Chevrolet Corvair, albeit a much smaller version.

The rounded, bathtub shape gives the car a rather comical appearance. The NSU Prinz 4 followed the smaller Prinz 30, but still had the same rear-mounted engine, an air-cooled, 30 hp, 600 cc twin-cylinder, with which the NSU could reach a top speed of approximately 115 km/h.

From 1964 onwards the Prinz 4 was available with disc brakes on the front wheels. A sporty coupé, the Sportprinz, was produced a little later. The convertible version, known as the Spider, is historically significant as the first production car with a Wankel rotary engine. Production of the NSU Prinz ceased in 1973, after close to 600,000 cars had been manufactured.

NSU is the abbreviation for Neckarsulm, the place in Germany where the factory was situated. It originally produced bicycles and motorcycles, but began manufacturing cars in 1905. In 1969 NSU was taken over by Volkswagen and merged with Audi in Ingolstadt.

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