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McLaren M8F

The angular, aerodynamic edges on the sides are typical of this very wide McLaren M8F, which was built for the effectively unlimited CanAm Series.

It was the most significant model in a series of almost unbeatable racing cars which, in the hands of racing driver/constructor/team owner Bruce McLaren and his teammate Denny Hulme, dominated the CanAm Series at the end of the sixties. It even got to the stage where the race was referred to as ‘The Bruce and Denny Show’. Both drivers were from New Zealand, hence the Kiwi, their country’s national symbol, on the side of the car.

In 1967, 1968 and 1969 McLaren and Hulme took turns in winning the title. However, in 1970 tragedy struck – Bruce McLaren was killed while test-driving the new prototype. His place was taken by Dan Gurney, but he had to pull out due to contractual obligations, and was in turn replaced by Peter Gethin. In spite of these difficulties Denny Hulme managed to win the title that same year. In 1971 former F1 driver Peter Revson won the CanAm championship in this M8F, fitted with an 8.1-litre Chevrolet V8 engine producing almost 750 hp. His teammate Denny Hulme finished second in another M8F.

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