American Underslung Model 644

The low, sporting silhouette of this car is due to the underslung construction, which means that the chassis is suspended below the springs.

This makes the car sit a lot lower than other cars, and it improves road-holding considerably. Oversized wheels give the car adequate ground clearance. The underslung construction in conjunction with a 60 hp Teetor-Hartley engine and a four-speed gearbox gave this American Underslung a brisk performance. Elsewhere in the museum, there is another car with the same type of construction, the 1912 Regal.

The American Underslung company, established in Indianapolis, USA, is regarded as the most prestigious American manufacturer of sports cars prior to World War I. The company manufactured cars from 1908 to 1914. There are reputed to be just three survivors of this 644 model in the world.

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