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Aston Martin DB5 James Bond

Forever linked: James Bond (Sean Connery) and Aston Martin. This is the original DB5 that secret agent James Bond was given by the engineer ‘Q’ to carry out his mission in the film ‘Goldfinger’.

The Aston Martin has the following gadgets:

– Two Browning machine guns behind the front indicators
– Hydraulic, extendable bumpers for use as battering-rams
– Revolving licence plates with English, Swiss and French registrations
– A smoke dispenser to create a smokescreen
– A rear-mounted oil pump to create a slippery surface for pursuers
– A mechanism to scatter crow’s-feet on the road
– A bullet-proof screen to protect the rear window
– A navigation and radar system for tracking cars
– And, last but not least, an ejector seat to get rid of undesirable passengers

The deviser of all this lethal technology was Ken Adam, who worked on the production of the film. He was inspired by his experiences in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, when he flew a heavily armed Hawker Typhoon. All modifications to this DB5, which is one of three (two have survived) that were fully kitted out, were made in the Aston Martin factory.

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