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Baker Electric Coupe

This Baker Electric was the model for Grandma Duck’s car in Walt Disney’s Donald Duck cartoons.

Note the beautiful silk and brocade interior upholstery, which denotes that this Baker was a luxurious automobile aimed at the ladies of high society. The roof was built high to allow for the large hats that were fashionable at the time.

The dashboard was located at the top, against the roof and merely consists of a Volt and an Ampere gauge. The batteries were placed in the front under the ‘bonnet’ and in a space at the rear, and could be recharged by connecting to the mains; the engine itself was located underneath the seat. The car had tiller steering, which was relatively outdated at the time that it was launched.

The Baker was positioned as the ‘Aristocrat of Motordom’, which guaranteed freedom from ‘the Uncertainties of the Explosive Motor or Steam-Driven Vehicles’.

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