Benz Mylord Victoria

This car, which is over 120 years old, is a prime example of the quality of Karl Benz’ automobiles – it is still in perfect condition.

With its leather hood, leather mudguards, ‘dos-à-dos’ seating arrangement, the twin-cylinder Mylord was regarded as a ‘super-luxury’ model in its day.

Legend has it that in 1893 Karl Benz called his first four-wheeled car ‘Victoria’ to celebrate his victory over a problem with the steering by inventing and patenting double-pivot steering technology. It is more likely, however, that the car was named after the Victoria, a type of carriage, something that was quite common in those days. Nevertheless it was the first time a production car had been given a distinctive model name.

In 1897 Benz introduced a flat-twin ‘Kontra-Motor’ which was more powerful and smoother-running that the original single-cylinder engine. This type of engine later became known as a ‘boxer’. Karl Benz, who disliked change, refused to alter the basic design of his cars despite falling sales.

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