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Benz Prince Heinrich

Deze Benz met zijn 80 pk sterke 5,7 liter motor wordt in 1910 dan ook ingezet voor de ‘Prinz Heinrich Fahrt’, vernoemd naar de broer van de Duitse keizer Wilhelm II.

Officially this is a production touring car, but that is not entirely true. Note the ‘eggs’ at the front – they are streamlined headlamp covers. The disk wheels and the radiator shroud are also designed to reduce wind resistance. The car is also fitted with modern technology such as lubrication pumps and shaft drive.

The ‘Prinz Heinrich Fahrt’ was a race for touring cars: four-seater production cars. In addition to the driver and co-driver, an observer from the organising body, the Kaiserliche Automobil Club, sat in the rear. The six-day event covered almost 2000 km through Germany and France. The Benz displayed here finished in fifth place. The race was won by Ferdinand Porsche in an Austro-Daimler.

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