Breguet A2

The name Breguet is better known in aircraft circles than amongst car enthusiasts. The Royal Dutch Navy in fact operated a number of Breguet aircraft, the Atlantic.

Before World War I, in addition to aircraft, Breguet manufactured some luxury 6-cylinder cars. Although of good quality, they failed to sell in large numbers.

More or less out of necessity they manufactured a number of electric vehicles between 1942 and 1945. Breguet was not allowed to manufacture aircraft during that period but sought employment for its workforce. These unassuming four-wheeled vehicles were built on a simple central tube chassis, to which the electric motor was attached. The bodywork was mounted on outriggers welded to the central tube. The car was fitted with 6 batteries that together provided a voltage of 72 V. Range per charge was claimed to be about 65 km at an average speed of 40 km/h.

This extremely rare vehicle is one of the last of a series of just under 200 produced. It was stored in the garage of a French Chateau for 64 years and was discovered only recently. The battery charger that belongs with the car is also on display.

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