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Crosley CD Four Super

This is a car that looks completely out of proportion, with its small wheels and short, narrow bodywork; though it does have a ‘normal’ height and hipline.

As early as 1939 the American radio manufacturer Powel Crosley Jr. attempted to make his dream come true by producing a small car for the general public. During the Second World War his cars became popular due to their low fuel consumption, but the trend was short-lived and the Crosley factory was sold in 1952.

The Crosley was offered in various models; the CD Four was available as a (two-door) sedan, a coupé, a station wagon and a business coupé. There was also a sports car – the Hotshot. According to reports it was Crosley who first used the term ‘Sports Utility’.

The film actor Humphrey Bogart and the architect Frank Lloyd Wright were famous Crosley owners.

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