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Lancia-Abarth LC1 Sport Spider

The Lancia-Abarth LC1, with its topspeed of 350 km/h, won three races and earned three pole positions in 1982.

At the time when Lancia wanted to enter Group 6 (two-seater sports cars) in 1982, this race class was phased out in favour of the new Group C (prototypes). Thanks to the fuel regulations this Lancia LC1, despite its relatively small 1.4-litre, 450 hp, four-cylinder turbo engine, proved competitive in Group C. To generate so much power with such a small engine was an incredible achievement and a technological feat.

Riccardo Patrese, Michele Alboreto and Alessandro Nannini were famous LC1 racing drivers. In 1983 the LC1 was replaced with the LC2, which fully met the Group C regulations.

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