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Marmon Sixteen Lebaron Convertible Coupe

Just two Marmon Sixteens were registered in the Netherlands and this is the only one remaining.

No more than 390 of these cars were produced and this example is completely unrestored; it is the most original Marmon in the world. It is hand-painted and the initials of the owner are still visible on the doors. The fog-light in the middle of the bumper turned simultaneously with the steering wheel. Nothing remains of the second Marmon, except its impressive eight-litre, sixteen-cylinder engine.

A remarkable fact is that this Marmon was designed by a 19-year old student, Walter Dorwin Teague Jr, the son of the famous industrial designer Richard Teague. Walter worked on this one as well as others during his free time after school. The coachbuilder LeBaron bodied many of his designs, including this one.

The Marmon Sixteen was a technologically very advanced car; most of the engine was made of aluminium. The engine had so much torque that the car could accelerate in top gear from a standstill up to 160 km/h. Nevertheless, the sixteen-cylinder was to become the marque’s swansong, and the factory closed in 1933.

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