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Riley RMA

The Tulip Rally in Holland was first run in 1949 and this Riley RMA was one of the entrants.

Its owner bought the car two years earlier and intended to use it extensively. The Riley participated in various motoring events, including those at the Zandvoort circuit, and the first owner covered some 300,000 kilometres in all. The engine eventually broke down but was replaced at the factory.

The first owner kept the car for twenty years. In the mid-sixties he sold the Riley but then in the nineties he re-acquired the car. The Riley was fully restored around 2008.

Before the war, Riley was a famous British marque of sports and racing cars. At the end of the 1930s the company found itself in financial difficulties and was taken over by the Nuffield Organisation. In 1952 the marque was merged into the British Motor Corporation and later into British Leyland. Riley was discontinued in 1969.

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