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Spyker 15/22HP Double Phaeton

The 15/22-HP succeeded the 14/18-HP model and was equipped with a low-pressure lubrication system for the engine.

The driver was able to control the flow of oil to the engine bearings from the instrument panel. The engine’s oil consumption was thereby reduced by eighty percent, and the system also eliminated the usual blue exhaust fumes.

By 1905 Spyker was averaging a production of one hundred cars a year, and by 1906 that figure had risen to 250. The quality of the end product was good, but by 1907 Spyker had run into financial difficulties due to mismanagement.

A further blow came when the French agent cancelled an order for five hundred Spykers, after the factory had already purchased the required materials. Spyker was left with the materials as well as debts amounting to some two million guilders. The company was declared bankrupt shortly afterwards.

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