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Daimler 6-HP Twin Cylinder Six-Seat Brake

Although this 1897 British Daimler looks rather primitive, it was used regularly until 1924, which says something about the reliability of the car.

The car is still in its original state and it’s worth noting that it still has tiller steering and hot tube ignition. Daimler later offered the option to replace these with a modern steering wheel and electric ignition, which many car owners took up.

The ‘brake’ or ‘shooting brake’ is a type of coachwork mostly used for hunting, in which the rear seats are placed sideways to accommodate extra passengers.
Daimler is the oldest British car manufacturer and this 6-HP twin-cylinder dates back to the first year of production. This makes it not only one of the oldest surviving Daimlers, but also one of the oldest British cars.

In 1891 Frederick Simms acquired the rights to manufacture and sell the German Daimler engines in Great Britain for use in both cars and boats. Four years later Simms’ company was taken over by Harry Lawson who set up the Daimler Motor Company in 1896; the following year he built his first car.

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