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Triumph 2000 Renown

The angular styling of this Triumph’s aluminium bodywork is known as ‘Razor Edge’, a fashionable style usually applied to expensive cars such as Bentleys and Rolls-Royces.

It was hand-built by Mulliners of Birmingham. This is the rare limousine version of the Triumph Renown, which has an internal division that separates the driver from the passengers. Fewer than two hundred of these limousines were produced. This is probably the only one remaining.

Triumph, originally a motorcycle manufacturer, was taken over by the Standard Motor Company after World War II. The Triumph Renown and the smaller Mayflower – both with Razor Edge styling – were the first new models which Triumph introduced on the market as small cars with a luxurious appearance.

The model designation ‘Renown’, named after an English warship, was not used until 1949, after the car had been on the market for three years.

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