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Step into the history of Battista Pinin Farina

Master of design

Battista “Pinin” Farina was an Italian car designer and founder of the famous design house Carrozzeria Pininfarina. Battista was a pioneer, a master at shaping metal and glass into works of art on wheels. His contributions to the automotive industry have had a lasting influence on car design and his name is closely associated with some of the most iconic and elegant cars ever produced.

Quest for beauty

Battista Farina was born on 2 November 1893 in Cortanze, Italy. His nickname “Pinin” means “small” in the Piedmontese dialect, and for legal reasons, the company’s name was later changed to “Pininfarina”. Battista’s vision was to design cars that were both aesthetically pleasing and functional. He aimed for timeless elegance and balance in his designs. His work reflected not only his passion for cars but also the spirit of the times: an era when the world was recovering from wars and looking for beauty and innovation.

Source of inspiration for designers

Battista Farina’s designs are still admired for their aesthetics, style and timelessness. His work set the standard for car design and influenced generations of designers after him. He died on 3 April 1966, but his name and legacy live on through the work of Pininfarina, the design house he founded and which is still active in the automotive industry. Pininfarina remains known for its high-quality car designs and collaborations with numerous leading car brands around the world. His contributions to car design have had a lasting impact on the automotive industry and his work remains an inspiration for contemporary designers.

Perfection of Italian design

One of Farina’s earliest triumphs was the Lancia Astura, a car that epitomised the perfection of Italian design and craftsmanship. Its flowing lines, carefully crafted details and harmony between form and function made the Astura a symbol of refinement and class. Farina also created for Lancia the legendary Lancia D23 Spyder, a car that captured the breathtaking beauty of open-air driving without compromising on performance and aerodynamics.

The world upside down

It was his collaboration with Ferrari that really turned his world upside down. The Ferrari 500 Superfast, was not only a machine that dominated race tracks, but also a work of art on four wheels. Battista understood the aesthetics of speed and showed this through the car’s dynamic shapes and bold lines. The Ferrari 500 Superfast became an icon that bridged the gap between technology and art.

The future of mobility

En dan was er de Pininfarina X, het hoogtepunt van Farina’s visie op de toekomst van mobiliteit. Deze futuristische conceptauto verkende nieuwe horizonten in termen van vorm, materialen en technologie. Het was een blik in de toekomst, een bewijs van Farina’s voortdurende drang om grenzen te verleggen en de industrie te inspireren.

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